Europe Square

Join the lively crowds around a fountain and admire the colonial structures in this spacious square near the beach.

Europe Square is an open space with some of Larnaca’s earliest British colonial buildings from the 19th century. The plaza, which is next to Larnaca’s coast, is full of charming mini-trees, benches and an impressive water feature. It is one of the main squares in the city and is an ideal meeting point for locals and travelers. Use it as a designated base as your touring companions explore the city and want to reconnect. 

Capture photos of the quaint colonial houses with their simple, white façades and red tiled roofs. Dating back to 1879, they mark the arrival of the British Empire in the city. Learn about Larnaca’s colonial past by browsing the buildings on the side of the square. See the former governor’s home, port master house, chief customs office and many other administrative sites. They were all restored in the 1990s to appear as they would have looked a century ago.

Some of the structures are used today to house interesting sites, such as the Paleontology Museum and the city’s main art gallery.

Gather around the remarkable fountain at the center of the plaza. Sculptor Papagiannis designed a work called Seagulls in Flight in 1996 to sit above the water jets. Sit at one of the many benches in the plaza with a book and relax in the Mediterranean sun. Enjoy the view of palm trees that line the nearby beach. 

See the bizarre plants that resemble small pine trees with colorful petals at the top. They feature an extraordinary range of yellow, red and pink flowers. Meet friends in the evening before moving to one of the many cafés and bars in the area.

The plaza was named in 1996 to commemorate the European Union. Europe Square is a very short walk from the northern point of Finikoudes Beach. Find it in the historic center of Larnaca, next to the city’s police headquarters and the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

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