Juliet's House (Casa di Giulietta)

Profess your love beneath Juliet’s balcony at this historic home, said to have once belonged to the star of Shakespeare’s classic love story.

Recreate a scene from one of the world’s greatest love stories at this historic house in Verona. Casa di Giulietta is, as the story goes, the former home of Juliet, one of the protagonists from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Today, the house hosts a museum dedicated to Juliet, featuring a wide collection of photographs and historic artifacts. 

Juliet’s House is a popular destination for lovers and the perfect place to make a romantic declaration to your partner. In the small courtyard outside the house, find the marked spot where Romeo is said to have stood as he called up to his sweetheart. While you’re in the courtyard, touch the bronze statue of Juliet; this act is thought to bring good luck. Climb to the balcony to gaze down upon your partner, one of the most popular activities for visitors to the house.

Bring a lock and partake in the ritual of attaching it to the house’s gate. By writing your names on the lock, it is said to secure your relationship for years to come. Admire the hundreds of love notes that have been stuck into the walls of the tunnel that leads to the house. 

In the museum, discover photographs and exhibits about the Capuleti family. Purchase Romeo and Juliet-themed souvenirs from the gift shop. Visit Giulietta Capuleti’s grave, located not far from the house, and pay your respects to the personification of one of literature’s most romantic characters.

Juliet’s House is located in central Verona and is best reached on foot. Buses also service the area and metered parking is available. The house is open daily and an admission fee applies. Combine your visit with other Verona attractions by purchasing the multi-attraction Verona Card for a substantial discount.

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