La Entrega Beach

Relax on the golden sand or discover a colorful world of underwater creatures and coral at this scenic beach, known as Huatulco’s natural aquarium.

La Entrega is one of Huatulco’s most enchanting beaches. With its incredible underwater ecosystems, it is often referred to as a natural aquarium. Spend the day floating in a tube on the smooth water or rent a snorkel and explore below the surface. As the sun begins to set, enjoy the region’s famous seafood at one of the many restaurants that line the oceanfront.

Arrive early at the beach to secure a prime position on the sand. While not as busy as many of Mexico’s resort beaches, La Entrega is popular with locals and attracts large crowds on weekends. Rent an umbrella from a roaming vendor to ensure you don’t get sunburnt during the day. Rent a tube and dangle your feet in the water or try paddleboarding in the gentle waves. 

The range of marine life found at La Entrega is staggering, due to its offshore coral reef. Rent a snorkel from one the beachside vendors and dive beneath the surface to see colorful fish darting between the coral formations below. Find yourself surrounded by playful roncadores, a species of tiny silver fish that move in large schools. Get up-close to a blowfish to watch as it expands in self-defense.

The water at La Entrega is calm, clear and rarely deeper than 15 feet (4.6 meters), making it ideal for first-time scuba divers. The shallow depths mean that you can see plenty using only a snorkel. Rent an underwater camera and snap some photos to keep as a souvenir.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite out on the water, choose one of nearby Santa Cruz’s many restaurants and enjoy some fresh local seafood. Dine al fresco and watch the sun go down as you eat. 

La Entrega is less than a 10-minute drive from Santa Cruz, Huatulco. Take a taxi or hire a car and park for free at the top of the beach. If parking, make sure to take any valuables with you.

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