La Minerva

See the famous statue of a Roman goddess at this iconic fountain, which is a popular spot for locals to meet and celebrate sporting victories.

La Minerva is one of the largest fountains in Guadalajara and a prominent city landmark. Admire the famous bronze statue of the Roman goddess Minerva and enjoy the lively atmosphere around the fountain, a popular meeting point for locals and sports fans. 

Marvel at the impressive circular fountain with a 242-foot (74-meter) diameter and a 26-feet (8-meter) statue of the Roman goddess Minerva in the center. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, art and defense and is depicted wearing a helmet and holding a spear as she guards the city. Watch the fountain’s water jets shoot up either side of her feet throughout the day.

The statue was sculpted in the 1950s by Joaquin Arias Mendez and was delivered from his home to the fountain in three pieces. Examine the goddess’s face. When the statue was erected, locals criticized the face for being poorly proportioned and masculine and accused the artist of designing the face to resemble his own. Mendez was asked to make changes but refused. Over the years, the criticism has been forgotten and the Minerva statue has been embraced as an icon of the city.

Admire the purple and yellow flowers adorning the well-tended grass around La Minerva. Read the inscription behind the fountain, which lists 18 citizens of Guadalajara who made significant contributions to the city. The engraving at the front of the monument reads, “Justice, wisdom and strength guard this loyal city.”

The fountain has become a place to celebrate victories, especially in the sporting arena. Fans of the local football team “Chivas de Guadalajara” (Goats of Guadalajara) often congregate here after a winning game. It is also a popular meeting place for locals attending performances and other events in the area.

La Minerva is located in the northwest of Guadalajara, on a roundabout connecting several main roads. Visit nearby attractions including the fascinating monument of Glorieta de la Estampida and the Monumento a los Niños Héroes.

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