Ladies’ Market

Lose yourself amid the stalls, massage vendors, restaurants and chaos of this market in one of the most densely populated suburbs on Earth. 

Visit the Ladies’ Market to experience a vibrant Hong Kong-style street arcade. Bargain for clothes, electronics and accessories from towering stalls on either side of the street or grab a table and cool beer and enjoy the bustling atmosphere from a local restaurant.

Find the Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street in the busy heart of Mongkok, one of the most densely populated suburbs in the world. This pedestrian-friendly area was set aside by the Government in 1975 as an area where hawkers can legally sell their wares and today is a favorite with local and visiting bargain hunters. 

Browse over 100 stalls to discover a staggering array of cheap items. Find inexpensive watches, make-up kits, CDs, handbags, crafts and kitsch to take home as reminders of your stay. Try out your bargaining skills in the city’s bustling square. It is important when traveling to any major city that you stay aware of your surroundings, and doing so in Kowloon will ensure you enjoy a safe, pleasant experience.

Behind the bustle of the stalls upscale boutiques line the street itself. These shops charge higher prices, but provide greater choice, authentic goods, and changing rooms.

Take a break from the excitement of shopping and enjoy a meal at one of the delicious restaurants behind the stalls. Take a seat and watch the endless tide of shoppers stream by, then treat yourself to a therapeutic foot massage at one of the many massage and treatment centers. 

After a walk through the stalls, head south to the nearby bird market where you’ll hear the cheerful chimes of small birds and see owners proudly showing their pets off. Wander the nearby flower market to enjoy the aromas, colors and vibrant beauty of a wide range of blooms. 

The Ladies Market is open every day and is at full stall capacity by about noon. From Central take the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui then ride the metro to Mongkok station. 

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