Cuernavaca which includes signage
Explore the capital’s colonial gems, study the carvings in its archaeological sites and relax in the hot, sulfuric water of the thermal baths.

Morelos is a state in central Mexico with a fascinating indigenous past, intriguing colonial architecture and dynamic culture. Several archaeological sites are located on the outskirts of its thriving towns full of parks and historic buildings. Travel through the state for a glimpse into central Mexican life.

Visit the historic center of the state capital of Cuernavaca for its colonial treasures, museums and parks. Among the highlights is the Borda Garden, with a landscape garden and the Baroque Magna Fountain.

Enjoy the region’s idyllic weather with a picnic in the garden. The municipality is known as the City of Eternal Spring, with warm and sunny days year-round. Expect similar weather across the rest of the state, as it is reasonably close to the equator at a relatively high altitude.

Visit other popular city attractions, such as the Cuernavaca Cathedral and the Palace of Cortés. The Robert Brady Museum is a captivating and varied collection of artistic pieces from around the world put together by an American patron of the arts.

Outside the city, find archaeological sites from the region’s indigenous past. Learn about the Aztecs at the Tepozteco Pyramid near the quaint town of Tepoztlán and the Maya, Teotihuacan and other indigenous peoples at the Archaeological Monuments Zone of Xochicalco.

For exciting play, bring your kids to the fun slides and pools of the Six Flags waterpark in the quiet, traditional town of Oaxtepec. Continue the water theme at Las Tazas Thermal Waters and Los Limones Thermal Waters in Cuautla.

Fly to Mexico City, about a 90-minute drive north of Cuernavaca. Get around Morelos with buses and taxis. The state is bordered by Puebla, Guerrero and México.

Enjoy a trip to Morelos with its combination of pre-Columbian centers and modern and cultural hubs.

Popular cities in Morelos

Cuernavaca Cathedral which includes heritage elements and flowers
Known for Gardens, Relaxing and Romantic
Visit the gardens and colonial structures of the historic center of the City of Eternal Spring and explore archaeological sites on the outskirts.

Reasons to visit

  • Cuernavaca Cathedral
  • Borda Gardens
  • Cuauhnahuac Regional Museum
Tepoztlan as well as a large group of people
Known for Relaxing, Mountains and Hiking
Visit this enchanting Pueblo Mágico, famous for its sacred hilltop pyramid, 16th-century convent, art museums and handicraft markets.

Reasons to visit

  • Tepozteco Pyramid
  • Artisan Market of Tepoztlan
  • Ex-Convent of the Nativity
Jardines de Mexico
Known for Lakes, Dining and Friendly people
Secluded Tequesquitengo awaits: its theme park, lake views, food, and more!

Reasons to visit

  • Jardines de México
A gorgeous
albino peacock

#localgem #fauna
Known for Dining, Friendly people and Business
Cuautla is calling! Discover its spas, food, history, and more.
La Iglesia
Known for Historical
Explore Yautepec: its history and more!
#lifeatexpedia #mexico #latam #GreatOutdoors A great place to stay in Morelos, Mexico. A place where you can relax, have fun or forget about the daily stress of the city.
Known for Dining, Gardens and Family-friendly
Trip time! Discover the gardens, architecture, and local cuisine in romantic Xochitepec.