Moro Tower

Climb the stairs to reach the top of this historic tower and be rewarded with an unobstructed panorama of Orvieto’s medieval streets.

Moro Tower is an impressive structure built in the late 1200s to defend the town and symbolize its prosperity. The path to the top includes a small elevator followed by a set of 236 steps. Hear the boom of the half-hourly bell toll from anywhere in the town center.

Climb the spiral staircase of wooden steps to reach the top of this 154-foot (47-meter) tall tower. Admire the stunning view of Orvieto’s quaint alleys and medieval structures from the tower’s peak. Pick out the town’s landmarks, such as the Duomo di Orvieto and its spectacular façade. The Piazza della Repubblica lies to the west and beyond it are the green hills of Umbria.

Admire the mechanized clock on the second floor, which was added at the end of the 19th century. In conjunction with the bells, the clock played an important role in time-keeping and announcements in the town. Peruse the bookshop near the tower’s entrance to find souvenir stamps and maps.

Note that the sound of the bell toll may take you by surprise as you climb the steps of the tower. The larger bell dates back to 1313 and was originally part of the Popolo Palace, while the smaller one came from the San Andrea Tower.

The tower was originally known as the Pope Tower. It is believed that the name was changed in the 16th century as a reference to the nickname of a local villager. The tower was used in the 19th century as part of an aqueduct system and a post office.

There is a small fee to access the tower, which opens daily from morning until evening. It closes briefly at lunchtime in winter.

The Moro Tower is the central landmark in Orvieto’s old town. Get around the small old town zone on foot and visit nearby attractions such as the Duomo di Orvieto, the Popolo Palace and the Mancinelli Theater. Several bus stops lie a short walk to the west of the tower.

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