Orvieto Cable Car

Ride through a charming channel of trees and appreciate Umbria’s undulating terrain on your trip to the old town of Orvieto.

The Orvieto Cable Car is an innovative transport system dating back to 1888. It is an efficient mode of transport for carrying passengers between the charming old town zone and the modern development surrounding the Orvieto Railway Station. Enjoy the pleasant views of the Umbrian countryside on your journey up the fortress hill,  home to the town’s most significant landmarks.

Take your place in the red, grey and white cable car beside the railway station. Relish the picturesque passage through a tunnel of trees. Take the journey in the early evening, when the side lanterns illuminate the track. Pass through a dark tunnel as you near your destination.

The cable car consists of a single track that diverges briefly in the middle, allowing the system’s two cars to pass. It has a total length of 1,903 feet (580 meters) and rises 515 feet (157 meters) on the way to its hilltop destination. Note that each car fits 75 passengers and a typical journey lasts around 2 minutes.

Arrive in Piazza Cahen and make sure to see the nearby St. Patrick’s Well and the Ruins of the Etruscan Temple of Belvedere.

The cable car system is also known as the Bracci Funicular, in reference to the man who financed its construction. Hear about its humble origins, when it was powered by water from large tanks beneath each car. It closed in the late 1970s before reopening in 1990 with a modern power system.

Use the cable car at any time between morning and evening. The cars depart every 10 minutes during the week and every 15 minutes on weekends and public holidays. You can also drive and walk the steep journey.

The Orvieto Cable Car takes passengers from the Orvieto Railway Station to the old town district to the west. Board the cable car at the Scalo stop and ride it southwest to the Monte stop in Piazza Cahen. From the square, take the connecting electric minibuses to get around the town.

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