Sit back with a coffee and a chocolate from a world famous confectioner and watch the passing parade pass in Zurich’s prestigious financial center.

Paradeplatz it is a bustling city square and tram junction in the Bahnhofstrasse, the shopping district in Zurich. In the 1700s the square was a cattle market and later a parade ground. Today, it is home to some of Switzerland’s leading financial and insurance houses, high-end fashion boutiques, world-famous confectioners, restaurants and historic buildings.

Seven tramlines converge at the Paradeplatz, and during rush hours the square buzzes with streams of business people, workers and shoppers. Admire the buildings and banking offices that surround the square. Gaze up at the Türler-Clock in the Türler shop and the impressive Credit Suisse Zürich building in the middle of the Paradeplatz. Built in 1876 by famous architect Jakob Friedrich Wanner, this structure signifies the financial heart of the city. Stroll through the ground floor of the Credit Suisse Zurich where you will find boutiques, a restaurant and the popular “Lichthof,” an atrium with a glass ceiling. 

Paradeplatz is known as one of Zurich’s most expensive pieces of real estate. With the financial affluence come the designer stores and restaurants to compliment it. This is where you will find the latest haute couture fashion from top designers such as Armani, Gucci, Rolex and Jimmy Choo.

One of the highlights of Paradeplatz is chocolate tasting at the world-renowned Sprüngli café. Enjoy a coffee, a piece of cake or a light lunch and watch some of the country’s wealthiest people strutting their stuff. Make sure you try the famous Luxemburgerli, Sprüngli's signature macaroon. The café is also famous for its gourmet brunch served with house-made breads, jams and soaked Birchermüesli with cream. In the Sprüngli shop you can buy a selection of tarts, cakes, truffles and handmade dark chocolate to take home.

Located in downtown Zurich, the Paradeplatz is a short walk to the old city, the Limmat River and the Fraumunster.

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