Porsche Museum

Appreciate the power, technology and aesthetic qualities of Porsche’s renowned racing and sports cars, with more than 80 vehicles on display at this museum. 

With more than 80 racing and sports cars on display, the Porsche Museum is a comprehensive look at the history of this prestige car manufacturer. See the progression of Porsche cars, learn about sports car technology and watch the company’s mechanics at work.

Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Previously, the automotive engineer had designed the first ever gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle and had worked on the development of the Volkswagen Beetle Car.

Browse the extensive collection that includes the world’s first Porsche design, the P1 from 1898. Look over the Porsche 1939 Type 64. The streamlined aluminum aerodynamic body of this racing car influenced many subsequent Porsche designs. Admire the first ever car to carry the Porsche brand name, the Porsche 356/1 from 1948. 

The museum’s exhibits are themed to demonstrate concepts that fuel the company’s car designs. These include lightweight construction, aerodynamics and high-performance engines. 

Porsche racing cars have enjoyed more than 28,000 victories in competitions across the world. Visit the large trophy cabinet that displays some of the cups and awards. Explore racing car technology in cars that have raced on Formula 1 circuits and are now on display.

Get an insight into the inner workings of the company’s cars by watching craftsmen and mechanics maintain classic racing and sports cars. There is a large window in the museum’s lobby that looks into the workshop where cars are serviced and repaired.

The Porsche Museum is open every day except Mondays and some public holidays. Admission charges apply, but children up to the age of 14 get in for free. There are reduced ticket prices after 5 p.m. For an additional fee you can go on a guided tour of Porsche’s factory.

The museum is situated in the northern Stuttgart suburb of Zuffenhausen, about 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers) from the city center. There are no bus services to the museum but a train station is within walking distance. Drivers can use the metered underground car park. 

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