Queens’ College

Spend some time in the grounds of this 15th-century college, a beautiful campus on the River Cam where monarchs and global statesmen received their education.

Queens’ College is home to some of the most complete medieval buildings in Cambridge’s colleges. Admire these ancient structures and take a look inside the well-preserved Old Hall and chapel.

The college was founded in 1448, making it one of the oldest in the university. Over the centuries, politicians, prime ministers, royalty and leading actors have all studied here. Explore the campus where they received their first-class education.

Queens’ College is split into two sections, which are connected by the Mathematical Bridge that passes over the River Cam. The red brick First Court, or Old Court, forms the medieval core of the college with the Old Hall as its centerpiece. Originally built in 1449, the hall was renovated in the 18th century resulting in the elaborate classical style you see today. Take a look inside at its gilded Victorian ceiling. View the three Grey family portraits found over the High Table, one of which depicts college founder Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV.

Seek out the handsome President's Lodge, located beside the 15th-century Cloister Court. The home of the College Master, his half-timbered lodge dates back to the early 16th century.

Visit the lovely and understated College Chapel, which was built in 1888. With its rows of pews on each side and aisle-less nave, the building is characteristic of a traditional college chapel. View the late-15th-century triptych of paintings on the altarpiece panel. These are attributed to an artist named Master of the View of Sainte-Gudule.

The college is located on Silver Street, within walking distance of the Drummer Street bus station. Some of the buildings are closed to visitors, but the Old Hall and the Chapel are open and you can explore all the walkways and cloisters.

Queens’ College is open daily throughout the year except in the run-up to exams in April and May and during the exam period in June. There is an admission fee, which is waived for children under 10 years old.

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