Seven Springs

Stroll along forest trails, swim in a freshwater lake and follow the routes taken by natural springs at this scenic spot close to the island’s east coast.

Escape the summer heat and marvel at the unspoiled beauty of Seven Springs. Set amid dense woodland, this is one of the most picturesque locations on the island. Seven natural springs flow through a valley to create a small lake. Relax in a landscape of pine trees, flowers, streams and waterfalls.

A fun way to approach the lake is via a tunnel. Remove your shoes and wade through the gently flowing ankle-deep water in the narrow passageway. The tunnel is dark, so you may want to bring a torch with you. An alternative route is to take the path that runs above the tunnel. 

Relax on a rock by the water’s edge or stand on one of the bridges to admire the view. Look for local wildlife such as ducks, geese, peacocks, crabs, fish and tortoises. Then take a refreshing dip in the lake. 

Go for a stroll through the area to follow the course that each spring takes. A notice in Greek and English points out that the water is drinkable and requests that you don’t put your feet into the springs. After spending some time by the streams and lake, follow the trails that lead into the surrounding forest. When you return, stop for refreshments in the small café which has lots of outdoor seating under the trees. This is also a good spot from which to survey the scenery.

Seven Springs is about 18 miles (30 kilometers) south of Rhodes City and a short drive from Lindos. Parking is free in the small lot just before the entrance to the site. Give yourself at least a couple of hours to explore the forest and lake area, then consider a visit to the nearby attractions of Tsambika Beach and Tsambika Monastery.

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