Gaze up at the roaring waterfall that marks the point between the coastal highlands and the lowlands reclaimed from the sea.

Marvel at the impressive power of one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls. It has a width of 82 feet (25 meters) and plunges a distance of 200 feet (60 meters) from its peak. Listen to the savage roar of the water hitting the ground and catch some of its spray to keep cool on a warm day.

If it is sunny, try to spot a single or double rainbow hanging over the foamy water and capture photos of the falls against a backdrop of blue sky. Tour buses often take passengers to this spot on a daytrip, although some visitors prefer to camp in the nearby grounds.

From the top of the falls, enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean, which is now 3 miles (5 kilometers) farther south.

Trek along the river to encounter other waterfalls and scenic vistas. East of the Skogafoss falls is a trail of steps leading up to the top and to glaciers in the region. Look around the nearby museums, such as the Museum of Transport and Communication and the Skogar Museum. The latter holds folk crafts and artifacts.

Legends describe a hidden Viking treasure in a cave at the back of the waterfall. As an integral part of Iceland’s picturesque countryside, the waterfall has featured in a music video and big-budget movies, such as The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It contends with Gullfoss Waterfall for the title of Iceland’s most famous cascade.

The name of the waterfall translates as “Forest Falls,” which refers to the nearby woodland.

Skogafoss is in the area of Skogar near the southern coast of Iceland. From Reykjavik, the journey is 95 miles (153 kilometers) southeast, which should take about 2 hours by car.

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