The Hermitage

From a humble frontier cabin to a stately plantation house, this grand southern estate is a slice of early American history.

The Hermitage is the stately home, estate and final resting place of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. Once a prosperous plantation and farm, this National Historic Landmark now serves as a museum, providing insight into 19th-century American life.

Set aside a few hours to explore the Greek Revival-style mansion and the 30 archaeological sites dotted around the 1,120-acre (453-hectare) estate. Purchase your ticket at the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center, then take advantage of the informative 20-minute introductory film on the estate and its former owner. The visitor center also serves as a museum displaying many of Jackson's personal effects.

Follow the manicured paths to the Hermitage mansion. Originally conceived as a Federal-style brick dwelling in 1819, the home was later remodeled by Jackson into the present style. Antiques lovers will swoon over the period decor and furnishings, much of which was owned by the Jackson family.

Wander through the formal gardens Jackson had designed specifically for his wife Rachel. Pay your respects at the Grecian temple and monument that houses their remains.

At its peak, The Hermitage was home to more than 150 slaves, whose duties spanned from working the land to tending to the Jackson family. Climb aboard the Slavery by Wagon tour (at an extra cost) for insight into the harsh life of an enslaved laborer during the plantation era.

Originally focused on producing cotton, the plantation added dairy production in the 1850s. Look out for the small herd of belted Galloway cattle, which remains on the property today.

The home is open daily with the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving days. Excellent audio tours for both adults and children are included in the ticket price, and knowledgeable guides are on hand throughout the main exhibits. The estate hosts an ongoing series of educational and cultural events, so be sure to check the program on the official website and time your visit accordingly.

The Hermitage is located in Davidson County, 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of downtown Nashville. Parking is free.

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