Train Station Square

Enjoy views of the impressive futuristic train station from this green, pedestrianized plaza at Strasbourg’s core.

Train Station Square is a spacious plaza that lies in front of the city’s modern railway hub. Diagonal pathways cut through patches of grass and lead to Strasbourg Station. Arrive early at the station and wait on the lawn or bring a picnic to the square and watch the world go by around you.

Find a spot to rest on the square. Stretch out under the sun on a warm day or enjoy the shade under a tree while reading a book. With so many people coming and going into the nearby train station, this is a great place for people-watching.

The square offers a fantastic view of the award-winning architecture of Strasbourg Station. Marvel at the space-age aesthetic of the station building in front of you. Note how the glass bubble-like façade hides a much older 19th-century building inside.

The semicircular plaza is entirely pedestrianized and surrounded by buildings. Capture photos of the historical buildings bordering it, several of which are hotels catering to the incoming train passengers. Return after dark to see the structures and the station at night, when they are illuminated by soft light generating a romantic atmosphere.

Due to its central location, the square is a popular gathering point. Arrange to meet friends here or simply sit back and observe as arriving passengers meet their loved ones. The plaza remains open to visitors at all times and is free to enter.

Train Station Square lies just north of the Ill River in the center of the city. As its name suggests, it is beside the Strasbourg Station in an area with a large range of hotels, bars and restaurants to suit the thousands of visitors who arrive in the city daily. To get here, ride the tram to Gare Central. Regular bus services also link the square with other parts of the city.

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