Popular cities in Westmoreland

Negril which includes tropical scenes and rocky coastline
Known for Beach view, Sunsets and Seafood
This town has gorgeous beaches, a lighthouse, a boulevard, cliff jumps, wildlife in the wetlands and nightlife, great ingredients for a diverse vacation.

Reasons to visit

  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Bloody Bay Beach
  • Negril Lighthouse
da fabio
Known for Sea, Dining and Friendly people
Explore Bluefields: its oceanfront, food, beaches, and more!
Westmoreland featuring general coastal views and rugged coastline
Savanna la Mar
Known for Monuments
Explore Savanna la Mar: its monuments and more!
Little Bay
Little Bay
Known for Relaxing, Romantic and Sea
Relaxing Little Bay awaits: its parks, oceanfront, beaches, and more!
This is a little free beach spot in Westmoreland Jamaica not many people know about it! But it’s wonderful here!
Little London
Check out the local area in Little London as you venture to sights like Jamaica Giants Sculpture Park & Art Gallery.