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What is a treehouse?

A treehouse hotel is a place that allows you to stay inside, on top of, or otherwise attached to a tree. They come in all shapes and sizes, from homey wood cabins lofty in the canopy to avant-garde metal cubes seemingly sprouting from an oak. What they all have in common is that they are structurally based somehow around a tree or simply within a forest.

Why should I stay at a treehouse?

The curious natural setting of these unique stays makes them a great choice for travelers who want to channel their inner child and get something a little different out of their vacation. Treehouse rentals are also perfect for anyone who loves being surrounded by nature, sleeping to the sound of chirping birds or a swaying jungle, waking to the rustle of leaves or the movement of resident animals.

Where do you find treehouses?

There's no big city in particular where treehouses prove the most popular place to stay. They are a rare and unusual accommodation option generally, but do pop up all around the globe, from the jungles of India to the pine woods of Georgia in the United States, North America, to the glimmering Turquoise Coast of Turkey and back across the Atlantic to Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

How much does it cost to stay in a treehouse?

Being nuanced and unique, treehouse cabins aren't always the cheapest. Treehouses are pricey because they are an eccentricity insofar as accommodation is concerned. We're talking boutique lodgings in an unusual environment, often with the attention to boot. That said, there are some treehouses for rent that won't break the bank. They tend to be in more affordable destinations or they exist as part of a treehouse resort that has plenty of places to stay.

What do treehouses offer?

The best treehouses in the world will have you feeling truly engulfed by nature. They sit aloft in virgin forests, set to the humming of creatures or the tweet of birds, offering beautiful views of the canopy or the wild undergrowth. Some come with cozy interiors that breathe the romance of the scene. Others will be affordable and charming – the perfect country escape for the family or the intrepdi traveler.

Are there treehouses close to me?

You wouldn't necessarily spot a treehouse nearby the side of the road. You have to search for one online. If you are reading this, it means that you want to find out whether you're close to a treehouse now. Just use the wizard above and type in your location to find out.

How do I book a treehouse?

All you need to do to find amazing treehouses is to search on Expedia in the same way you would for hotels or vacation rentals. Whether you spell it treehouse or tree house, booking one is easy once you discover it on Expedia. The only thing to remember is that most veritable treehomes are booked well in advance, given that they might have limited accommodation. Think carefully about accesssbility and your needs, and ensure your well-informed before making a reservation with a treehouse hotel.