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What is a capsule hotel?

A capsule hotel is an accommodation that allows travelers to book their stay in a capsule, which is a small, bed-sized pod that’s closed either with a door or a curtain. The pods are typically stacked 2-high and arranged in rows. Most units are air-conditioned and have power outlets you can use to keep your electronics charged. Belongings that you don’t bring to bed with you may be stored in a locker, which is often included with the price of the capsule.

How much are capsule hotels?

If you're looking for accommodations on the cheap, capsule hotels can be a good option. These are among the most affordable hotel options you’ll find just about anywhere they’re available. Although they still experience generally increased prices during the busy season, capsule hotel prices are almost always much lower than a traditional hotel.

What are capsule hotels like?

Capsule hotels tend to have a futuristic vibe and atmosphere to them, and that doesn’t change within the pods. Bed-sized pods have plenty of room to lay down or to sit up and work on a laptop or watch television, but most pods are smaller than a typical room. In many of these hotels, pods are not soundproof, and the doors often don’t lock . Most capsule hotels are short stays, with 9h capsule hotels being popular options that specialize in bookings for 9 hours, but travelers can book longer stays too. Capsule hostels tend to be more social and are prominently found in Asia.

Do pod hotels have bathrooms?

Toilets are most often found down the hall from your capsule, along with showers in a shared space. This is also why many capsule hotels are either exclusively a female capsule hotel or a capsule inn for men only. Even a mixed-gender capsule hotel may still have separate floors for men and women.

Where can I stay in a capsule hotel?

Capsule hotels in Japan, such as the iconic 9h capsule hotel Nine Hours Narita, are fairly common, as the country has seriously integrated them into typical traveler accommodations. It’s relatively easy to find a capsule hotel in Vietnam or Singapore hotel capsules. Capsule hotels in the United States are still relatively rare but are slowly becoming easier to find. Pod Times Square is among the most popular, but the pods are still fairly large compared to what you may find in Japan offering stays closer to a capsule room than a capsule pod.

What are some of the best capsule hotels?

Some of the best include Nine Hours Sendai, a 9h capsule hotel that offers comfortable pods while putting guests just a few minutes’ walk from iconic attractions like Jozenji Temple and Sendai Mediatheque. Travelers to Hokkaido can enjoy Bizcourt Cabin Susukino, a capsule inn that features laundry facilities and a convenient location right in the middle of Sapporo. Capsule hotels can vary widely despite their similar styles.

How can I find a cheap capsule hotel?

Cheap capsule hotels are the standard for the accommodation type. They all tend to be cheaper than a traditional hotel room, but if you want something that’s as budget-friendly as possible, there are a few factors to consider. Traveling during the off-season usually offers a better capsule hotel cost overall. You may also want to set budget limits on your search by using relevant filters to only show the pod hotels in your price range. Kanazawa Capsule Hotel Musashimachi and The Millennials Kyoto are good examples of cheap capsule hotels available.

Are there luxury capsule hotels available?

Yes, several luxury capsule hotels are readily available, including Hotel Carna A in Kumamoto, which features fairly large capsule rooms with space to stand and, in some cases, a separate desk area. You may also want to check out Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Premier Nagoya Sakae, a first-class capsule hotel that features a bar and spa in addition to comfortable pods.

Can I book capsule hotels for couples?

Capsule hotels for couples aren’t all that common. Even the capsule hotels that allow both men and women often separate genders by floor. Your best bet is to book one with a twin or double capsule, such as the ones available at Tabist CapsuleHotel APODS Himeji Station and HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi.

What are the advantages of capsule hotels?

When you book a pod hotel, you can enjoy quite a few advantages, with the primary benefit being the reduced price. These hotels are notably cheaper than any standard hotel in the vast majority of cases. Plus, you can book a hotel that’s close to some of the best attractions in any city you may visit. For example, capsule accommodations in Tokyo may put you right next to attractions like Tokyo Disneyland and Shinjuku Central Park.

Can families stay in a capsule hotel?

Family capsule hotels are not very common since capsule hotels generally aren’t suitable for families. Some don’t accommodate children at all. If you’re traveling with a larger group of people, you’ll likely have to book an individual pod for each person or bunk up in a twin pod with someone of the same sex in your group.

Can I book a capsule hotel that’s fully refundable?

Yes, several fully refundable bookings are available on Expedia. Each pod hotel that qualifies will be marked as such in green text right on the search results page, though you’ll have to click each entry to see what the specific policy is.

Why should I book with Expedia?

Booking a capsule hotel with Expedia makes it easy to plan your vacation. Accommodations are just the beginning, as we also offer flights, car rentals, and activities. In fact, you may be able to enjoy package deals by planning multiple aspects of your trip at once.