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What is an apart hotel?

An apart hotel is a fusion of hotel and apartment that means you get the added luxury of extra space but with just a dash of traditional service and pampering. These sorts of stays come in all shapes and sizes, from New York to Paris, but often mean added amenities like self-catering kitchens and lounge spaces, along with some hotel-style features like cooked breakfasts and dedicated reception desks.

Why should I stay at an apart hotel?

An apart hotel lets you squeeze just a little bit of extra privacy and flexibility out of your stay. With more spacious suites, cooking facilities, and sometimes even in-room lounges, apart hotels can be a chance to spread out and relax. Self-catering kitchens mean you can cook your meals whenever you like and make the most of those enticing local markets. Balconies often mean breezy al fresco spaces. And there's often dedicated housekeeping to help you keep things neat and tidy.

Where do you find apart hotels?

Apart hotels are becoming a common vacationing choice for all sorts of travelers. These days, you should be able to find them in most European metropolis like London or seaside resorts like Benidorm, but you can also bag an apart hotel in the US, Asia, and the Middle East. They pepper both central and suburban residential neighborhoods, offering a taste of local life in areas you might not normally consider, but also a private pad to call your own within eyeshot of popular attractions.

How much does it cost to stay in an apart hotel?

Prices vary greatly, and can change depending on the location and destination. There are budget apart hotels and luxury apartment hotel options alike. Some have rooftop pools and access to communal gyms like a condo, others are just a stripped-down stay with self-catering facilities and room service on top.

What do apart hotels offer?

Apart hotels aim to be a combination of an apartment and hotel. That means you'll get privacy mixed with classic service. There's often a dedicated on-site reception, which means late check-in, room requests, and local tips are all possibilities. Then there are self-catering amenities to factor in, offering a place to cook up local produce and entertain. And you can book an apart hotel with a pool or gym if you go somewhere on the higher end of the spectrum.

What's the difference between an apart hotel and a hotel?

There's certainly a lot of overlap in terms of perks, amenities, and ambiance. In both, you'll usually be greeted at reception and find the occasional lobby lounge to enjoy before heading to your room. However, in an apart hotel you might also discover a stove for cooking, a lounge space, and maybe even a dining room, and you'll have the kind of privacy and sense of your own space that most hotels can't provide.

Are there apart hotels close to me?

With so many apart hotels around the globe to choose from, there's a chance you can balance privacy and service on that next trip. Use Expedia's accommodation wizard to search for an apart hotel nearby to major attractions or opt for the map tool to uncover more hidden stays in off-beat neighborhoods. All you need know to know about how to book an apart hotel is this: bundle it with flight or car to save money.