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Why take a flight in May

When May rolls around, you finally get a sneak peek at the hotter months ahead. It’s not quite summer yet, but the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining. If you’re lucky, there are no more signs of snowfall and you can go full speed ahead into the summertime vibes. School will let out soon and everyone’s going to rush away on vacation, so why not beat them to it? When you take advantage of our cheap flights in May, you’ll score excellent discounts, while enjoying lighter crowds and shorter lines at your favorite attractions.

Great flight deals in May

At, we’re here to hook you up with airfare that won’t shock your wallet, allowing you to relish in a much-needed vacation, without stressing over your finances. Check out our selection of flights and discover some of the cheapest days to fly in May. Maybe you’re looking to travel halfway across the globe or escape just a few hours away. Regardless of your grand plans, you’re sure to find rates that’ll keep you smiling. This May, browse through our varied flights, scoop up some awesome deals, and start packing your bags for your next big trip.