Bari Harbor

Embark on a cruise from one of the Adriatic Coast’s key ports and watch the activity of yachts and local fishing boats from one of its charming cafés.

Bari Harbor is a historic port and hub in the seaside city, its many boats adding a splash of color to views of the Adriatic Sea. The harbor serves as Bari’s gateway to many exotic destinations, but the waterfront cafés and tourism information center make Bari Harbor a destination in itself.

The harbor is among the largest on the Adriatic Coast and is a major port on the journey between central Europe and destinations in the Middle East and the Balkan Peninsula. You can board a cruise trip traveling to one of these intriguing destinations or relax in the café within the busy cruise terminal, watching the large ships entering and leaving the port.

Browse the souvenir shops and boutiques that stand beside the cafés and restaurants in the harbor. Find out about local events at the tourism information office. Watch the changing hues of the sky as the sun sets in the evening.

Stroll along the boulevard that wraps around the northern point of the city to enjoy unobstructed sea views. Get a closer look at the array of boats and watch fishermen at work at the old section of the port, a little to the southeast of the new port. Drop in at the Port Authority for up-to-date information about cruises and marine activity.

Ride one of the sightseeing buses and trains along the coast of Bari. Capture photos of the medieval buildings that occupy the surrounding old town zone.

The harbor is open to the public at all times and is free to enter.

Bari Harbor covers the northern tip of the old town district in the northern part of the city. Walk north for 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) from the Bari Centrale train station to get to the port. Nearby attractions include the Basilica San Nicola, the Chiesa San Marco dei Veneziani, Bari Cathedral and the Norman Castle.

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