Bryce Natural Bridge

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It’s hard to believe that it was nature, and not humans, that carved the arch in the orange-red rock, making a window to spot the pines below.

Bryce Canyon’s arches, including the Natural Bridge, have a magical quality about them. They are mere precursors to its hoodoos or rock spires. Formed by erosion gradually wearing away the softer rock on either side of the harder intrusions, even the Natural Bridge will one day become a hoodoo, but for now it seems to be a bridge to another world, stretching out into the expanse of sky.

Located next to the parking lot, the Natural Bridge overlook is easily accessible for all visitors. Hop out of the car for a quick stop or let the intriguing form entice you to linger a bit longer.

Admire the way that the red rock frames the dark green ponderosa pine forest, a natural example of the classic Christmas color scheme. Along with the blue sky, the colors seem almost unnatural, almost too saturated for them to be real.

Watch for bird and animal life emerging from the forests below or spot the impressive plant life located next to the parking lot itself. Find the graceful shapes of the stand of quaking aspen trees, actually all one single organism, which presides over one end. Look for the distinctive purple buds of the Markagunt penstemon flower, found almost exclusively in the park.

Reach the lookout to admire the Natural Bridge along the scenic drive through the sites of Bryce Canyon National Park. Drive here in 20 minutes from the Bryce Canyon National Park Visitor Center or in 25 minutes from the town of Bryce itself. The regular park shuttle does not stop here, but a sightseeing bus that runs twice a day can stop at the lookout. The small parking lot does not have services.

Buy an admission ticket for Bryce Canyon National Park to be able to drive to the lookout. Climbing the bridge is strictly prohibited for both safety and environmental preservation reasons.

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Bryce Natural Bridge

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