Creation Museum

This one-of-a-kind museum in northern Kentucky brings Bible stories to life.

The Creation Museum tells Bible stories through realistic tableaus and dioramas. Come face-to-face with Adam and Eve, the evil serpent and Noah’s Ark. The three surrounding gardens and lake are full of insects, birds and butterflies, forming a lush Eden-like paradise. There is a planetarium and petting zoo with hybrid animals.

Be aware that science has nothing to do with this attraction. The founders are Young Earth Creationists. This religion believes that God created the universe, the earth, and men and women in six days. The museum’s exhibits tell the story of Genesis, the first book of the Christian Bible.

The Biblical History of the World exhibit is the centerpiece of the Creation Museum. See the Garden of Eden and Corruption Valley, witness the Great Flood as described in the Bible and step into Noah’s Ark.

The Dinosaurs Den exhibit features 80 animatronic dinosaur models. This exhibit displays the theory that dinosaurs co-existed with humans. Those interested in Bible history can examine ancient manuscripts in the Verbum Domini exhibit.

A small theater shows movies, such as Men in White, that explain the ideas behind Creationism. You can also observe stellar creations in the Stargazer’s planetarium.

Children will love the  petting zoo where they can ride a camel and meet creatures such as the zonkey and the zorse (a donkey or horse crossbred with a zebra).

The picnic pavilion in the lush botanical gardens is a great place for lunch if you’ve brought your own food. Or, enjoy a meal or coffee at Noah’s Café.

The Creation Museum is located in Petersburg, Kentucky, about a 30-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati. It’s best to come by car as there are no direct public transportation options. There is free on-site parking. The museum closes Sunday mornings, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Planetarium shows are an additional cost to the admission price. Entry to the museum is free on December 24, when it closes early.

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