Dolphin Island

Spend a day at this dolphin park, where you can safely swim and play with curious sea mammals and admire stingrays and nurse sharks. 

Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Island Park. This floating island allows visitors to come face to face with one of the ocean’s most intelligent creatures. Play games with these friendly mammals and visit the island park’s other enclosures to meet more local sea-life.

Get to the island via transportation provided by Dolphin Island Park. The floating construction is made up of a number of boardwalks and enclosures off the Dominican Republic’s east coast. 

When you arrive, the park guides will provide a brief of rules and instructions to follow during your swim. Then it’s time to put on your bathing suit and join the dolphins in the clear Caribbean water. Delight in their playful curiosity and watch as they perform tricks under the trainers’ command. Get a photo of a dolphin kissing your cheek or letting you ride on its back. This section of the tour lasts from 30 minutes to 1-hour. 

After a swim, explore the park’s other enclosures. Spot stingrays and colorful fish while snorkeling. For a spectacular view of powerful nurse sharks patrolling the water, visit the park’s underwater viewing room. The guides may also take you to a natural reef off the island to spot wild species. 

Set aside a whole day to tour Dolphin Island Park. The guides and marine biologists on the island are happy to answer questions or provide assistance. After your tour, DVDs and photos of your dolphin experience can be purchased from the Visitor Center. The park offers a number of packages of varying prices tied to your length of stay at each enclosure. Check on Dolphin Island’s official website for price information and bookings.

Dolphin Island Park is located a short trip by boat from Bavaro, a town on the Dominican Republic’s west coast. It is open daily.

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