Eklutna Lake

Kayak on the placid water framed by snow-capped mountains and rent a snowmobile or skis to get around the lake.

Eklutna Lake is a huge body of water surrounded by picturesque trails through snowy mountains in Chugach State Park. The blue ice of a glacier adds to the ethereal glow of this majestic site, where many species of plant grow. Gaze up at Bashful Peak, which looms over the lake as the park’s tallest point.

Hikers are drawn to this part of the state park for its many lakeside trails. Try the 2.5-mile (4-kilometer) Twin Peaks Trail, which is fairly strenuous. Climb up to an alpine meadow to take photos of the snow-capped mountaintops of the Twin Peaks.

Another steep walk is the Bold Ridge Trail, which reaches an elevation of 3,600 feet (1,100 meters). Relish the stunning complexion of the lake, which is a sparkling focus of the snowy countryside. Pick berries and gaze up at Bold Peak, a mountain of 7,552 feet (2,293 meters) that experienced hikers often climb.

For a much easier walk, take your family on the Eklutna Lakeside Trail. The long path continues for 13 miles (21 kilometers) and is perfect for cycling, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Follow the trail around a large stretch of the lake’s shore and reach the Eklutna Glacier.

Stay at one of the 50 campsites situated around the lake. Public use cabins are also available. Sit with a picnic in front of the turquoise water and relish the quiet of nature. Go kayaking on the placid lake with calm winds.

Head north to the small village of Eklutna, which is famous for the Old St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church and its cemetery. Peruse the eerie spirit houses and wooden structures.

Camping, parking and cabin fees vary. Get weather and price information at the Eklutna visitor center, operated by Lifetime Adventures, which is open from morning to evening between mid-May and early September.

Eklutna Lake is in the northern section of Chugach State Park. From the city center of Anchorage, drive northeast for 40 miles (65 kilometers) past the Knik River to reach the lake. Bold Airport is a small transportation hub at the southern point of the water.

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