Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port showing a coastal town, general coastal views and a sunset
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Browse markets and galleries, watch a unique theater show or simply enjoy the views of the Mediterranean at one of the most famous ancient ports in the world.

Jaffa Port has an ancient history that precedes the Bible stories that made this port world famous. Come here early to sample some fresh produce from the Jaffa Port Market and buy freshly caught fish straight from the fishing boats, then take in the sights and visit the shops and galleries.

Admire the modern sailboats and yachts tied up at the ancient moorings. Only a small fishing fleet remains, the last commercial boats among the shiny pleasure crafts. Without losing a sense of tradition, Jaffa Port has gradually evolved into a trendy seaside hub. These days the port’s old hangars and warehouses house modern galleries, shops and restaurants, although you can still find crates full of fruit and fish too.

Take a walk along the boardwalk to get an appreciation for the sheer age and history of Jaffa Port. Dating back well beyond Biblical times, this port has been conquered by many different civilizations throughout its thousands of years of history. Romans, Greeks and Egyptians came and went, and each have left their mark on the architecture and traditions of Old Jaffa. Gaze up at the beautiful old stone buildings that rise up from the water’s edge and venture inside the boutique shops to buy souvenirs and gifts.

As well as being famous for its Biblical references, Jaffa Port was once the main storage and export location for local Jaffa oranges, which were shipped to all corners of the globe.

As the evening falls, enjoy a waterfront stroll or sit down for a drink on a restaurant terrace in the port. Enjoy the views across the water to the twinkling lights of modern Tel Aviv. For something truly memorable, see a play at the not-for-profit Nalaga'at Centre where deaf and blind actors perform on stage together. Have dinner in the dark in the on-site restaurant where blind waiters serve the drinks and meals with ease. Just tune into your senses of touch, smell and taste and you’ll see it really enhances the dining experience.

The Jaffa Port is publicly accessible at all times. Get here on foot from Jaffa or by bus or taxi from central Tel Aviv. There is a large car park just to the south of the port.

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