Enter an enchanted fantasy world at this adventure center where visitors complete high-tech quests using personalized magic wands.

MagiQuest is a very popular adventure game franchise and the Myrtle Beach center is one of 14 throughout North America. 

In this live-action role-playing game, players wander through the multilevel building using a personalized wand. The wand is included in admission-and-game package prices. It allows guests to interact with objects and complete quests. Use your wand to open treasure chests, help solve riddles and outwit fearsome dragons. Your first goal is to complete tasks set by the QuestMaster to prove you can handle the adventures ahead.

The game resembles an old-fashioned scavenger hunt, but with a little bit of high-tech magic thrown in for even more fun. There’s an extensive back-story to MagiQuest, with characters such as goblins and pixies and an ancient Book of Wisdom. Do some research on the website in advance to become familiar with the characters. 

Adults who don’t want to play can accompany child players on the cheaper admission-only “Magi Guide” ticket. Your first visit to MagiQuest can be expensive, particularly if you have more than one child and load your wands up with additional features. Once you purchase your wand, however, return visits are more economical. Attempted quests are stored on the wand, so you can resume your adventure at any one of the chain's locations. 

Most children will be kept entertained at MagiQuest for several hours. Staff are often dressed in medieval costumes and cheerfully offer assistance and tips if required.

The Myrtle Beach MagiQuest is centrally located in the Broadway at the Beach shopping center. Hours vary with the season, so check the website before going.

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