Parade Gardens

Walk through these beautiful grounds in the heart of Bath and delight in seasonal events and floral displays. Enjoy views all over the city year-round.

Stroll through the beautiful flower beds of the Parade Gardens and savor a tranquil moment in the middle of the city. Admire the views of Bath’s famous architecture, which surrounds the park. Listen to the brass bands that play here in the summer and enjoy refreshments at the local café.

Formerly an orchard belonging to the Bath Abbey, in 1737 the Parade Gardens were redesigned by John Wood the Elder, the architect behind many of Bath’s famous buildings. Bath’s elite society, including figures such as Admiral Lord Nelson and William Wordsworth, once walked the gardens. Take the same paths as some of history’s most famous characters and enjoy the same sense of tranquility they would have found here.

Enjoy the natural scenery as you walk the gardens. See the award-winning flower beds, which in the summer include a 3-D floral feature. Look out over the River Avon, the Pulteney Bridge and the weir. You’ll also enjoy views of some of Bath’s most impressive buildings, including the abbey.

Head to the bandstand to watch a performance. Brass bands perform here in the summer and are popular with locals and visitors alike. The bandstand is also a venue for weddings. Look for the numerous statues and plaques, including the original Angel of Peace by the sculptor Trent, throughout the gardens. Admire Tuscan columns, the foundations of a medieval mill and a Victorian pet cemetery. There’s even an orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system.

The Parade Gardens are located alongside the River Avon in the city center, just a short walk from the train and bus stations. The nearest parking lot is also a short walk away at Manvers Street. The park opens a week before Easter and closes at the end of September, with the specific opening hours varying between summer and winter. Locals can visit for free, but non-residents must pay a small fee. The park hosts numerous events throughout the year, so be sure to check what’s on.

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