Waterfront Park

Attend a concert at the festival site and take a boat tour from this lakeside park. Shady trees and colorful patches of flowers decorate the shoreline.

Waterfront Park is a scenic setting covering about 900 feet (270 meters) of the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain. The park has several trails, pretty floral displays and a boardwalk offering excellent views of the water. Stroll along the gentle paths of this Burlington park with your family.

Watch the sunset reflecting off the shimmering surface of the lake from one of the many benches in front of the water. Lay down a blanket with your friends and enjoy a picnic in the picturesque surroundings. The park lies in the shadow of rolling hills decorated with elegant buildings and dense forests. The changing colors of fall leaves entice visitors between busy summer and winter seasons.

Cycle along one of the wide main bike paths in the park, which has play facilities for kids. Come to a music event at the festival site beside the water. A flight of outdoor steps provides an easy descent to the beach.

Consider taking a cruise or boat tour around the vast lake. Visit the various bars that adorn the shore of the lake. The park also has a floating restaurant on the water.

Visit the ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain for intriguing exhibits about ecology, culture and history. It has many fun, interactive displays for kids.

The park, which has no entrance fee, opens daily from sunrise until sunset. It has free Wi-Fi and restrooms on site.

Locate Waterfront Park on the eastern flank of Lake Champlain in the western part of Burlington. Reach the southern end of the boardwalk by bus and walk north for a few minutes to get to the main part of the park. Parking is available, for a fee, in the site’s parking lot. See nearby sites, such as Battery Park, the Main Street Landing Performance Arts Center and the Cathedral Church of St. Paul.

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