Antica Pescheria 

Shop at market stalls by day and drink in classy bars at night in this beautiful old fish market in the heart of Rimini. 

Visit the distinctive heritage structure of the Antica Pescheria and enjoy a drink in one of Rimini’s most popular social hub. Sit on smooth marble slabs with a glass of wine or dine in one of the many excellent restaurants that surround the building. Come here during the day to shop for local art and souvenirs at the stalls housed in the historic building. 

The stunning Antica Pescheria (Old Fish Market) was designed by the architect Giovan Francesco Buonamici and built in 1743. With its white marble slabs, tall columns and elegant original features, it is one of the city’s most attractive buildings.

Stroll around Piazza Cavour to admire the beautiful arched façade and high stone columns of the Antica Pescheria from the street. Step inside and you will see the long, white marble slabs that were once used by fishermen to display their daily catch. Today, you will find a diverse mix of traders and artisans, from artists to jewelry makers, using the small arcades as makeshift shops. Enjoy a moment out of the sun and spend a while browsing the cool marble stalls for souvenirs. Keep an eye out for the building’s charming details, such as the water outlets sculpted into the shape of a fish. The building’s original clock also remains. 

Come here at night to see the old fish market transformed into Rimini’s social hub. Young and old fill the arcades to sit and drink wine on the marble slabs. Join them for your evening drink before exploring some of Rimini’s best restaurants in the surrounding area.

Locals will tell you that this area is responsible for introducing finger food to Italy. Sample some of the many local specialties served in small glasses with decorated spoons. 

The Antica Pescheria is located in Piazza Cavour, in the center of Rimini. You’ll find something going on here day and night, so be sure to make more than one visit to this beautiful old market. 

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