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Discover one of the world’s greatest ancient civilisations in the museums and nearby pyramids of Egypt’s dynamic and surprisingly modern capital.

Cairo is a cultural delight. Discover glittering ancient treasures in theEgyptian Museum, explore the breathtaking architecture and streetscapes ofIslamic Cairoand immerse yourself in the contemporary arts on the island of Gezira. Just 30 minutes’ drive from downtown Cairo at theGizaPlateau, enter the tombs of the pharaohs at theGreat Pyramidsand marvel at theGreat Sphinx.

Start your adventure into the history of the city by exploringOld Cairo, an area surrounded by the walls ofBabylon Fortress, dated at nearly 2,000 years old. In the area around the fortress, known asCoptic Cairo, you will find theCoptic Museum, home to artefacts of early Christian history, art and culture. Don’t miss theHanging Church, which has religious paintings from the 8th to the 18th centuries. Next door, at the Ben Ezra Synagogue, visit the place baby Moses is said to have been found.

For a taste of contemporary Egyptian culture, head across one of the many bridges to Gezira Island, located in the centre of the Nile. Experience Egypt’s incredibly rich music scene at the Cairo Opera House or at the Egyptian Center for Culture and Art (Makan). Then dine by the Nile’s ancient waters or join a dinner cruise to take in the lights of Cairo at night.

If you’re keen to take some of Cairo home with you, go shopping at the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. Here, you can sample street food and wander the labyrinth of stalls selling jewellery, perfume, spices, hand-painted pots and brass lanterns. After the bustle of the bazaar, take a break in one of Cairo’s green spots. Picnic in Al-Azhar Park’s shady, landscaped gardens or enjoy the views over the city from one of the restaurants that ring the park.

Cairo is easy to navigate via subway and bus services, but for trips to Giza and the Old City it’s best to go with a guided group so you don’t miss anything!

Where to stay in Cairo

Cairo which includes tropical scenes

Downtown Cairo

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Dive into the rich architectural heritage of 19th-century European Beaux-Arts and Egyptian-Islamic-Moorish Revival styles. Indulge in Groppi's famous ice cream or visit the renowned Café Riche on Talaat Harb Street.

Downtown Cairo
Designed by Italian architect with a beautiful, classic European style, the palace was built in 1907 by the Nile River in Zamalek for Princess Aisha Fahmy. It was fully restored and opened to the public two years ago.


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Cafes, museums, and historic sites are some highlights of Zamalek. Make a stop by Zamalek Art Gallery or Aquarium Grotto Garden while you're exploring.

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Nasr City