Childrens Museum Of Indianapolis

Dinosaurs and pirate ships, interactive exhibits, games and toys from a bygone age — it’s all at this children’s wonderland.

The five floors of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis hold over 120,000 exhibit items. A visit here provides an unforgettable day of education and inspiration for children of all ages.

As soon as you approach this museum and see the two life-sized Brachiosaurs attacking the main building, you’ll know you are in for something special. Enter the main floor at ground level and explore the mysteries of the dinosaurs in Dinosphere. Encourage your kids to get their hands dirty in the dinosaur dig where they can search for bones.

Walk down the spiral staircase to discover the Treasures of the Earth exhibit. Peer into the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh, or rifle through the treasures of a shipwrecked pirate ship. Head to Level 3, where The Power of Children exhibition tells the uplifting stories of children who have made a difference to the world. Among the stories featured are those of the Jewish girl Anne Frank and African-American girl Ruby Bridges. These tales educate about prejudice, as well as showing how the actions of a child can inspire millions.

On Level 4 you’ll find The Carousel, a National Historic Landmark originally built for a fun fair and moved to the museum in 1973. Once you’ve done the rounds here, head to the ScienceWorks to build boats, climb a rock wall and take part in other activities all aimed at fostering a love of science.

A visit to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum can easily fill a day or more. If you are stretched for time pick up a floor plan from reception and decide which areas you want to visit.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is located a few minutes’ drive north of the city center and parking is free. Food is available from a number of outlets on Level 1, or you’re welcome to bring your own. Admission is more expensive than many other museums in the area, but a memorable day is guaranteed.

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