Recent Reviews for Corsair

Jan 12, 2020

WiFi didn’t work

Dec 21, 2019

No WiFi very small seats

Nov 29, 2019

Excellent service!!!

Jun 29, 2019

Thank you Corsair for a wonderful flight experience! I was so happy to be upgraded to premium economy...roomy seats and terrific service from your friendly And helpful staff. Thank you!!

Jun 20, 2019

Impressed! Surpassed our expectations!

Jun 9, 2019

First time on Corsair. Great trip and amazing service!

Jun 7, 2019

Everything was perfect at YUL and during the flight. Perfect service. Tasty food. Not a lot of choice in the Movies but that fine....even in Premium. Arrival at Orly 4 with construction and not easy access to go to Rental Car.

Jan 27, 2019

It was hard understanding announcements

Dec 8, 2018

Don't go with too many expectations - it's a short flight on a turboprop plane with free seating. My only beef was that getting the baggage in Dominica took ages (considering it's a small plane and small airport)... they took almost 40 minutes to get the bags to move a hundred yards from the aircraft. A subsequent Corsair flight on a similar aircraft however suggested that this might be a problem with the Dominica airport and not Corsair.

May 29, 2018

Overall a very good flight

Where does Corsairfly fly?

The top routes that Corsairfly flies are:

  • PTP to FDF (about 280 flights/mo)
  • FDF to PTP (about 260 flights/mo)
  • SFG to PTP (about 160 flights/mo)
  • SFG to FDF (about 150 flights/mo)
  • FDF to SFG (about 140 flights/mo)