Teatro Degollado

Watch contemporary theater or classical ballet at Guadalajara’s neoclassical theater known for its beautiful design and diverse performances.

The Teatro Degollado is a famous historic theater near Guadalajara’s city center. It has been a hub for the city’s thriving cultural scene since the middle of the 19th century. Visit the theatre to appreciate its majestic architecture and watch enthralling live performances.

Admire the theatre’s neoclassical façade with its 16 Corinthian columns holding up a pyramidal roof. Observe Roberto Montenegro’s mural on the pediment, which depicts Apollo and the nine muses. Walk through the majestic entrance across the shiny marble floor and look at the magnificent crystal chandelier overhead.

Marvel at the acclaimed paintings that decorate the red and gold walls inside the theater. The most famous work is based on the fourth song of Dante’s play The Divine Comedy. See the murals Time and Hours and The Fame by Felipe Castro painted on the proscenium arch.

The theater opened in 1866 with a production of the Italian opera Lucia di Lammermoor. Today, you can enjoy an eclectic range of performances at the theater. Productions vary from classic plays and guitar concerts to ballets and operas. On certain nights, entry to the performances is free but you must arrive early.   

Take a tour of the theater and learn about its fascinating history. It was originally going to be called the Alarcon Theater after a famous Mexican playwright. However, it was named after the governor who initiated the project, Santos Degollado, who was killed in battle before the theater was completed. The building has undergone several renovations since it was built.

The Teatro Degollado is located in the middle of Guadalajara’s historic center. It is close to other attractions such as the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, The Wax Museum and the Guadalajara Cathedral. The theater is easy to get to by tram and is between the tram stops Plaza Universidad and San Juan de Dios. The theater is open to the public daily from noon until 2 p.m.

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