Algeria Hotel Travel Guide

Welcome to Algeria

As the 10th-largest country in the world, there is plenty to experience in Algeria when you book your trip through Expedia. Whether you want to experience the country's capital city of Algiers, or would prefer to stay someplace a little quieter, you're sure to find the ideal destination for your trip. Start hunting today, and see just how easy it is to visit the country of your dreams.

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Quick facts about Algeria:

  • With 40.4 million residents, Algeria ranks 10th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Algeria is the Dinar
  • Don't forget to stop in Algiers, Oran, and Annaba while you're in the country

Reserving an accommodation for your adventure shouldn't be difficult. Expedia can save you money and time when arranging your stay at a hotel in Algeria, so you can spend your time getting the most out of your stay and not worrying about going home broke. So why wait another moment to book your travel plans to Africa and Indian Ocean? Designate your perfect travel dates now to find the best offers on hotel rooms in Algeria!

Algiers has long served as the country's capital city and is one of the first places that tourists visit when they come to Algeria. The Notre Dame d'Afrique cathedral still stands as a symbol of France's former rule of the country and is one of the city's most captivating sites. The Monument des Martyrs was built to commemorate Algeria's struggle for independence. Visitors who would like to see a variety of plants and flowers can take a stroll through the Jardin d'Essai. The city also offers some of the best ways to see the Mediterranean coastline. Visitors can even book an informative walking tour to learn further details about the local history and culture. Algeria hotel deals are plentiful in Algiers.

Oran is another one of Algeria's notable cities. Nestled along the Mediterranean coastline, this city still features many structures reminiscent of Algeria's previous European rulers. The elaborate city-hall building resembles an old European monument. The city's Spanish influence can be seen in the Chapelle de Santa Cruz. The Bey Othmane Mosque is a place of worship for the city's predominately Muslim population. Many people visit Oran on their quest to find a cheap Algeria hotel deal.

Adventurous tourists can travel south to see part of the famous Sahara Desert. The desert's undulating sand dunes create one of the world's most unique landscapes. The sand in the desert appears to change color throughout certain parts of the day. Eccentric rock formations also adorn much of the barren landscape. Certain towns near the edge of the desert may offer low prices on hotel rooms.

Algeria also features some of the world's top archaeological sites. Tourists can travel to the Aurès Mountains to visit the ancient Roman colonial town of Timgad. Djémila, which is situated in the northeastern part of the country, is another ideal place to learn more about Algeria's involvement in the Roman Empire. Beni Hammad Fort was built in the early 11th century and was a former capital city of the nation. It is even possible to find suitable hotels in Algeria located near some of these ancient sites.

Reservations for Algeria hotels can be made through Expedia. Cheap hotel deals in Algeria are possible to locate in many of the country's large cities, small towns, and rural communities.