Dunblane Museum

See original documents from the 17th century, learn about Scottish religious history and inspect a necklace from 4,000 years ago.

Dunblane Museum is an intriguing institution displaying ecclesiastical relics from Scottish history. Its focus on the religious past of the region is linked to the adjacent Dunblane Cathedral. Peruse the fascinating collection of Communion tokens dating back to the 17th century.

Admire the simplistic façade of the museum’s building, which has many quaint rooms. Watch the film about the religious history of the area. Wander through the charming sections of the building to discover historical paintings demonstrating the changing landscape of Dunblane.

The museum’s relationship with the cathedral is obvious from its ecclesiastical collection. See original carvings from the church alongside Communion silver. The site also contains secular relics, such as old spectacles and spinning wheels from the Victorian era. Note the 4,000-year-old cannel coal necklace and the pottery from the same era. Spot the delivery bag of an 18th-century newspaper boy.

Inspect the array of Communion tokens belonging to a variety of churches in Scotland and overseas. Pick up a dusty tome from centuries ago to learn more about the country’s religious history. Read original 18th-century newspaper clippings and articles about the cathedral. Other archives relate to land sales in the 1600s and records of internments.

Explore the pleasant garden with raised beds showing styles from the 17th century. Take the Herb Walk for a present-day look at horticulture. Spot the preserved well from the 1600s. A gift shop in the building has a variety of souvenirs, children’s toys and other interesting items for sale.

Visit in summer, when the museum opens in the daytime from Monday to Saturday.  The museum is closed in winter, however, the shop does open on Mondays, Wednesdays and some Saturdays. Offer a donation to the museum, which is free to enter and staffed by volunteers.

Dunblane Museum is a block south of Dunblane Cathedral in the center of town. Take a bus to one of the stops nearby or walk 5 minutes north from the Dunblane Railway Station. Dunblane New Golf Club and the Allan Water are nearby attractions. Leave your car in the parking lot.

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