Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Find out about Warrnambool’s perilous Shipwreck Coast when you explore this preserved 1870s village and maritime museum overlooking the shores of Lady Bay.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is a preserved port town that brings 19th-century maritime heritage to life. Explore the charming historical village, which lies on a bluff above Lady Bay and a stretch of Victoria’s notorious Shipwreck Coast. Check out the state’s largest shipwreck collection and learn about some of the 180 ships that sank on this coast.

Begin your exploration of the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village by experiencing the multimedia display of a sea-faring journey across the Southern Ocean. Walk through the enchanting streets of the village and discover a world where time stopped in the 1870s. See shipwrights at work and admire the beautifully restored façades of the village buildings. Check out the Great Circle Gallery to see the shipwreck artifact collection and learn the story behind the Minton Peacock, a ceramic artifact that was salvaged from the 1878 Loch Ard shipwreck.

Wander along the bluff to the Warrnambool Lady Bay Lighthouses, which are two magnificent lighthouses built in 1858 and moved to Flagstaff Hill in 1871. Climb to the upper areas of the lighthouses and take in the panorama of the Shipwreck Coast. You might spot ships in the distance, as well as boats coming and going from the port. Nearby the lighthouses, you’ll find the Warrnambool Garrison. This 1887 fort and its cannons have been expertly restored.

Stop by Flagstaff Hill’s Stella Maris Tearooms to enjoy a Devonshire tea with a view of Lady Bay.

Be sure to stay after sunset, when the fantastic sound-and-laser show, Shipwrecked, is projected onto a tall fountain of water. This dramatic installation recreates the final journey of the Loch Ard ship.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is located between downtown Warrnambool and the Warrnambool Foreshore Reserve. Admission costs include access to the village’s museums and exhibitions; however, Shipwrecked incurs an additional fee. The village and museum are open daily, except for Christmas Day. There is a parking lot available on site.

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