Ilha Grande Bay

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Lopes Mendes Beach featuring a beach, rocky coastline and tropical scenes

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Take boat trips, go diving in crystalline water and snap memorable photos of jagged coastline, remote beaches and peaceful islands.

Ilha Grande Bay has a scenic, undulating shoreline and verdant islands. Its old-fashioned colonial towns and sleepy fishing villages complement the array of islets with stunning beaches and rainforest trails. Travel along the coast to enjoy the full range of intriguing towns, villages and islands that make up this marvelous bay area.

Among the most iconic of the countless islands off Rio de Janeiro State’s coast is Ilha Grande. Arrive at Vila do Abraão and visit the bars, restaurants and hostels facing its picturesque port. Stroll along Abraão Beach at night and listen to drums and live music emanating from clubs.

Outside the main town, much of this island consists of remote and undeveloped scenery. Trek along the Atlantic rainforest trails to find secluded beaches and coves. Enjoy the seafood in coastal restaurants and go snorkeling to see colorful fish along such sandy stretches as Abraaozinho Beach and Crena Beach. The standout shoreline is Lopes Mendes Beach, which lies at the end of a hilly forest trail, where monkeys and parrots dwell.

Back on the mainland is the port town of Angra dos Reis. Wander through the old town to see ecclesiastical gems, such as the Santa Luzia Church and the Matriz Church. Travel west to the quaint colonial outpost of Paraty, known for its narrow cobbled lanes and peaceful plazas. Look around the Paraty Historic Center and stroll along the wooden pier of Paraty Wharf. Make a daytrip to Trindade to relax on Cachadaço Beach or Cepilho Beach.

From the city of Rio de Janeiro, drive west for 100 miles (160 kilometers) to reach the port of Angra dos Reis. Take a boat from the marine station to the port in Vila do Abraão on Ilha Grande. The island lies in the Atlantic Ocean and most of it is within the Ilha Grande State Park.

Ilha Grande Bay is a mesmerizing region with an eclectic range of activities as well as serene, sandy havens.