Jet d'Eau Fountain

Visit this iconic Geneva attraction day or night to enjoy this spectacular fountain shooting water high in the air.

Look towards the lake from almost any point in central Geneva to see the gleaming tower of water that is the Jet d’Eau Fountain. Enjoy the sight of the spectacular jet shooting water into the skies while having a meal, walking through surrounding parks or from up close.

See the magnificent fountain from a number of great locations around the city. A popular vantage point is the Bains de Pâquis, a bath house only a few metres from the jet itself. Enjoy the cool lake water with an excellent view of the streaming jet. Visitors in the fountain’s proximity, however, must be prepared to be drenched at a moment's notice if the wind changes direction.

The Geneva Water Fountain originally had a practical use: it was a safety valve for a hydraulic system that pumped water to the city’s artisans and craftsmen. Its beauty soon became apparent and it was moved to its current location where it was dedicated as a monument to Swiss Confederation. Today, the Jet d’Eau operates almost continuously and is powered by two pumps that jettison water skywards at 200 kilometres (124 miles) per hour to a height of 140 metres (450 feet).

For a bird's-eye view of the photogenic fountain, climb the spire of the St. Pierre Cathedral. Alternatively, enjoy the watery spectacle from the Jardin Anglais, where you can also walk through beautiful gardens and see Geneva’s famed flower clock, the Horloge Fleurie.

The fountain is most photogenic at night when it is lit up by 12 spotlights that give it a mysterious beauty. Enjoy a traditional fondue at one of many restaurants along the waterfront and admire the night sky spotted with millions of gleaming droplets.

The fountain operates year-round but may be closed due to heavy winds or freezing temperatures.

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