Roman Baths

Marvel at the natural hot spring pools and the majestic architecture at this well-preserved ancient site.

The Roman Baths is a famous historical landmark encompassing several ancient bathhouses and a museum. Walk around the site to learn more about the rituals and practices of bathing, which were an integral part of life in Roman society.

The Romans first constructed a temple here circa A.D. 60 and gradually added the other buildings to the complex over the next three centuries. The spa was used for bathing and socializing, but later fell into disuse after the fall of the Empire. Explore the original Roman buildings, which are located below ground level and the adjacent complex of buildings, which were built during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

From the plaza outside the complex, admire the stone columns and large pediment on the elegant façade. Enter the building and descend to the lower levels. Here, you’ll be able to see four main sections: the Sacred Spring, Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the museum. 

Walk around the terrace, which overlooks the waters of the Great Bath. The water you see in this bath comes from nearby Mendip Hills and travels through layers of limestone before gurgling up at the spring. 

Look for costumed docents who will recount stories as you explore. Be sure to check out the on-site museum, which contains intriguing Roman relics. Among the items displayed are more than 12,000 coins, many of which were recovered from the Sacred Spring. There are also sculptures of deities and other works of art on display.

After working up an appetite, take the family to the Roman Baths Kitchen for lunch or enjoy a traditional afternoon tea in the elegant Pump Room. An 18th-century addition, the neoclassical Pump Room features a spa water fountain where you can taste the famous mineral water. 

The site opens daily from morning until late afternoon, with a later closing time during summer. There is an entrance fee, with discounts for seniors, kids and families. Students and children under five can enter for free. Use an audio guide for additional information.

The Roman Baths are located next to Bath Abbey in the city center. Ride a bus or walk a few minutes north from Bath Railway Station to reach the attraction. 

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