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Can’t remember the last time you packed your bags and spent the weekend in a different city? Sounds like you’re overdue for a getaway. Weekend trips are the perfect way to bust out of your routine, recharge, and embark on a mini-adventure, without committing to a long vacation. For just a few days, you can pack in as many activities as you please, or simply soak up the change of scenery and relax. Pass the time in your PJs relishing the room service, or get out there and explore the city from top to bottom. However you decide to spend your next jaunt, today’s the perfect time to embrace your inner weekend warrior and start planning a short-term retreat. 

Because you’re only vacationing for a few days, is here to make planning your next trip easier than ever. We provide weekend getaway ideas from travel experts on our Viewfinder blog, along with an extensive inventory of affordable hotel listings. Check out places where you can lounge around the pool all day, or sort through lodging within easy access of the city’s most popular attractions. You’ll find hotels with kids’ activities to keep your gang happy, as well accommodations with fine dining and spa services that delight with some much-deserved pampering. 

Whether you’re traveling solo or looking for a romantic couple’s retreat, we’ll match you up with the perfect stay for your mini-vacation. Browse by destination and dates, and discover our wide range of the best weekend getaway deals. You’ll come across places that fall within your budget, so you don’t have to worry about spending a pretty penny. Make your reservations with us today and this weekend you could be starting a new adventure and enjoying a different view. 

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