Brooklyn Heights Promenade Tours and Activities

Brooklyn Heights Promenade
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Walk along the East River in Brooklyn’s oldest neighborhood and enjoy spectacular views of downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Join walkers, runners and sightseers on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Stroll along the East River and look out on stunning vistas of the Manhattan skyline across the water. Grandiose townhouses and mansions line the promenade.

Find the many sights to see along Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which is just 0.3 miles (0.5 kilometers) long. Out in the water the Statue of Liberty presides over New York Harbor. Look north to admire the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan, capped off by the towering One World Trade Center. Try to spot the historic ships docked in Manhattan’s bustling South Street Seaport. Marvel at the Brooklyn Bridge, the iconic link between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Explore Brooklyn Heights, the borough’s first Historic Preservation District. The neighborhood was the site where George Washington watched the American Revolutionary War’s disastrous Battle of Long Island unfold. Later, it became a popular destination for affluent New York investors to build their homes. The promenade opened in 1950. It was built to protect Brooklyn Heights from a proposal to build an expressway through the heart of the neighborhood.

Stroll down cobblestone streets lined with quaint brownstone homes. Check out Montague Street, located off the southern end of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which many consider to be the “Main Street” of the neighborhood. Sample a variety of ethnic food from the restaurants lining the street or admire the regal Gothic Revival style of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church.

Discover iconic scenery immortalized in many popular movies. Walk in the footsteps of characters from classic films such as Annie Hall, Moonstruck and Saturday Night Fever, which all feature scenes on the promenade.

Visit Brooklyn Heights Promenade any day. Take advantage of its generous open hours catch sunrise over the river at dawn or admire Manhattan’s illuminated skyline after dark. Find the promenade along the Brooklyn Queens Expressway between Orange and Remsen streets.

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