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You want to make the most of your trip to Riomaggiore. Getting around by foot, taking taxis, or relying on public transportation can become a burden. A rental car will get you to the places in Riomaggiore that tourists know about, such as Doria Castle, but also to some places they don't.


Explore the scenic Riomaggiore waterfront around Ferry Terminal and Porticciolo Di Framura. Cast away your troubles and catch some composure.

Places of worship

Find sanctuary at one of the places of worship in Riomaggiore. At Saint Caprasio Abbey, you can seek spirituality or revel in the hallowed architecture.


Swim, stroll, or sunbathe at Riomaggiore beaches like Bonassola Beach and Fegina Beach. You can also relax in the sun at Fossola Beach and Lerici Beach.


Scenic parks in Riomaggiore offer an escape from the hustle and bustle. Have a relaxing day at Guardiola Tower surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.


Swing by Riomaggiore attractions like Doria Castle, Amadeo Lia Museum, and Brunella Fortress. Looking for more things to see and do? Check out Carrara Convention Center and Castello Malaspina di Fosdinovo.

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