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Roll down your windows and let the cool Northwestern air flow through your car. You’re in Spokane, Washington, and you’re steering your rented minivan full of family members to the local fun zone. Time to spend the next six hours playing miniature golf, riding go-karts, and disappearing into a haze of entertainment.

Get Around Town

When you book a rental car, Spokane becomes more than just a destination. It’s a city to be explored, whether you’re cruising down I-90 in your midsize or are set on bringing your coupe to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. You’re no longer at the mercy of doting relatives whose stuffy vehicles failed smog three times, and you don’t need to rely on expensive taxis, either. A Spokane car rental means the city is your oyster.

Grab Your Rental Car Keys

If you’re flying to Spokane, pick up your rental car at Spokane International Airport (GEG). Reserve a car in advance and walk to the Ground Transportation Center after exiting the baggage claim area. Sign your name on the dotted line and tell your friends to get into your midsize rental – you’ll be on your way to Silverwood Theme Park in no time.

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