Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal

This easy-to-navigate and very scenic transport hub is the gateway to the beaches, bush walks and wildlife of one of Queensland’s most idyllic islands.

The Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal is the main entry and exit point for Magnetic Island, Townsville’s enchanting outpost in the Coral Sea. Regular ferries connect the island to the mainland, just 5 miles (8 kilometers) away.

Slow your pace before you make the crossing, because you are on island time now. Not all ferry terminals are located in such a picturesque setting, so make sure you take in the views as you disembark in the marina of Nelly Bay.

It is easy to find your way around the terminal, because apart from visitors, it only serves the 2,500 or so lucky folks who can call this island home.

To help you make the most of your time on Magnetic Island, many local tour operators and services have offices at or near the ferry terminal. Island transport options include buses, taxis and car hire. Sunbus offers services throughout the day, timed to match ferry arrivals and departures. Taxis operate 24 hours a day and leave opposite from the terminal and car rental is available in Nelly Bay too.

Join a tour to see the best of the island with a local guide. There are several tour options and pick ups from the ferry terminal are usually provided if you book ahead. Explore at your own pace by cycling or walking around the island from Nelly Bay. You can rent a bicycle on the island or bring one over on the ferry.

The terminal is situated on the edge of Nelly Bay village, which has accommodations, restaurants and shopping facilities. Just walk over and take your pick.

Two ferry companies operate 7 days a week from the Magnetic Bay Ferry Terminal and there are sailings throughout the day. Board as a pedestrian or take a bike or car over to the island. Sealink has a fast catamaran service that takes roughly 20 minutes, but only takes pedestrians. Fantasea has a foot passenger and car service and therefore runs at a more sedate pace, with crossings taking about 40 minutes.

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