Marble Arch

Admire the intricate sculptures on this grand three-arched monument, which is modeled on Rome’s Arch of Constantine.

Marble Arch is an elegant triumphal arch with three bays. Although the arch was initially constructed as part of Buckingham Palace, the monument now stands on a plaza beside Hyde Park. Take photos of your family in front of one of the most iconic structures in the city.

Built for the royal family in the early 1800s, Marble Arch retains its regal allure despite having been moved to a different location in 1851. Numerous theories circulate as to why it was relocated: some say it was because the central arch was too narrow for the royal stage coach, others say it needed to be moved out of the way to make way for a palace extension.

Well-known architect John Nash, who also worked on the palace itself, took inspiration for the design from Rome’s Arch of Constantine. Like the famous ancient monument, Marble Arch contains one large portal with two smaller arches either side. Above the arches are carved reliefs representing England, Scotland and Ireland.

Make like royalty and pass under the central arch. This entrance was initially reserved only for use by Britain’s royal family and members of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery. Imagine yourself as a reigning monarch as you go through.

Enjoy a picturesque stroll through the vast Hyde Park. Go boating on Serpentine Lake, listen to open-air debates at Speakers’ Corner and admire the floral displays of Kensington Gardens. Walk southeast to Buckingham Palace and try to envision how the arch would look today as part of the palace’s entrance.

Marble Arch is in its namesake area, just west of Mayfair. The monument stands on the northeastern corner of Hyde Park, a short walk north from the famous Speakers’ Corner and the U.S. Embassy. Ride the London Underground to Marble Arch station. Many buses also stop beside the monument.

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