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Visit the quaint colonial towns and established cities to see the area’s majestic mansions and learn about its divisive past.

The South Carolina Midlands is a vast district surrounding the historic city of Columbia. The area played a significant role in the Civil War. Travel between towns known for stately mansions, fascinating museums and green parks.

Visit Columbia in the center of the region for its rich history and range of attractions. Tour historic former houses of aristocrats, such as the Robert Mills Historic House and Park and the Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens. Wander through the homes’ pleasant grounds and learn about the city’s history of slavery.

The central beacon of South Carolina State House has a glorious design. Inspect the monuments and find out about the Confederacy during the Civil War. Relax in the nearby scenic Finlay Park and see its impressive water feature and cascades.

A little southwest is the town of Aiken, which contains part of the University of South Carolina, although the bulk of the institute is in Columbia. Learn about the area’s culture through the Aiken Center for the Arts and the Aiken County Historical Museum, which contains relics from local people.

In the green neighboring Barnwell, find the Barnwell County Memory Gardens and the Barnwell State Park.

To the east lies Florence, among the state’s prominent shopping hubs. Peruse the items for sale and look for deals at Commons at Magnolia, Florence Mall and Magnolia Mall, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the region.

Expect mild weather in winter, spring and autumn with hot and humid summers. Hear the slight drawl of the Southern accent in this historically conservative state.

The South Carolina Midlands refers to the vast area surrounding Columbia in the central section of the state. It is south of Anderson and Spartanburg and north of the historic city of Charleston. Fly to Charleston International Airport and drive north for 100 miles (160 kilometers) to get to Columbia.

The South Carolina Midlands region is a hub of culture, fascinating history and serene green spaces.

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