• Standard Double Room


    • 300 sq ft
    • Sleeps 5
    • 2 Queen Beds
    更多详细信息Standard Double Room
  • Standard Room


    • 300 sq ft
    • Sleeps 2
    • 1 King Bed
    更多详细信息Standard Room
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1/5 糟糕

Sad face Icon不满意:住宿条件和设施
stay at your own risk
I didn’t actually get to sleep in a room and I’m glad I didn’t. Their front desk service stops ar 12am- after that it appears the hotel goes wild. I saw at least 6 cars pull up and get drugs from one particular room over and over. Crackheads walking thru on foot and bike. Prostitutes hanging around on the balconies. All this i observed while on hold with hotels.com for about 20 min. Stay if you want to but don’t arrive after 12am or you won’t get your room-
2020 年 7 月入住 1 晚

1/5 糟糕

Sad face Icon不满意:清洁度、员工和服务、住宿条件和设施、客房舒适度
2020 年 7 月入住 1 晚

1/5 糟糕

Did not check in identification issues . Need refund
2020 年 7 月入住 1 晚

1/5 糟糕

Sad face Icon不满意:清洁度、员工和服务、服务设施、住宿条件和设施
The property was ran down the room is ragley you could tell it was drug activity on the grounds is just all bad
2020 年 7 月入住 1 晚

1/5 糟糕

Sad face Icon不满意:清洁度、员工和服务、住宿条件和设施、客房舒适度
Filthy-ghetto hotel!
I'm almost 5 month pregnant, my pregnancy is high risk. So my husband tried to go park close so that I could check in, but right as I approached the window to check I hear a woman yelling and scolding my husband for parking and what was the"MANAGERS PARKING" we were not planning to stay parked there. If anything he always tries to find the closest parking to our room for my comfort. "The Manager's behavior and attitude was totally uncalled for, aside from that I had to go in with a bottle of bleach and cleaner to disinfect the room. Bed poorly made and it was on the first floor facing the back of the hotel with no windows screen and no windows treatments and nor security. Making it totally accessible for anyone to just jump in the window, for management behavior you would think hotel is in top notch but No! Totally ghetto people screaming and party at late hours of the night having visitors park anywhere they want. I hate the fact that "Hotels.com" being such a popular site can't do a thing for their customer when it comes to cancellations I wanted to leave to another hotel but their"Non-refundable" policy makes it totally inconvenient especially when you don't read the little lines and you end up sleeping in your car without a room that it's already been paid for. I will never stay at this hotel again.
2020 年 6 月入住 1 晚