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Compare 6 Hostels in Fort Lauderdale with updated reviews, rates, and availability.

City view
Bposhtels Hollywood Florida - Hostel
2.0 star property
6.2 out of 10, (89)
"It’s not the Taj Mahal, but the service is good. It’s usually quiet here. I rent a bunk in a shared room That Sleeps up to six, hostel style. I’ve stayed here many times. The bunks are very comfortable, The bedding and pillows are absolute top quality And the bathroom is a good size with plenty of water pressure and a boundless amount amount of hot water. It’s a short walk over the drawbridge, which is a cool view, Into the beach… There’s also a huge option of shopping, for anything and...
The price is $28
$43 total
includes taxes & fees
May 19 - May 20
Bposhtels Hollywood Florida - Hostel
View from property
Sheridan Hostel
1.0 star property
6.2 out of 10, (211)
"The staff is good. "
Sheridan Hostel
Beach nearby, white sand
Beach House (Hostel)
1.0 star property
4.2 out of 10, (27)