Piazza Ferretto

Take photos of the imposing bell tower in this historic square before dropping in at the upscale boutiques along the colonnade.

The glorious Piazza Ferretto competes fiercely with plazas across Italy for recognition as the most beautiful. Ornate buildings from centuries ago tower over the area, creating a sense of majesty. Peruse the high-end shopping options and upscale restaurants. The large pedestrianized square is a gathering point for locals and travellers in the city, who enjoy the leisurely pace of life sitting outside at a café under an umbrella.

Meet friends at the water fountain in the center of the plaza. Admire its gold work of art in the center and relish the relaxed vibe that the water feature generates. Cars and bicycles are prohibited in this district, so you can enjoy ambling freely along the red tiles of the plaza.

Take pictures of the remarkable buildings that border the plaza. There is one standout structure from the 1700s that is now home to a hotel. Walk along its colonnade and appreciate the well-preserved arches and columns. Another 18th-century wonder is the Chiesa di San Lorenzo, the town’s iconic church. Gaze up at the bell tower, which was once part of the area’s fortifications before the rest of it faded over time. 

Watch a movie in the extraordinary building that houses the Cinema Excelsior. It dates back to the 18th century when it was the home of a theater. Walk down quaint alleyways and note the white and pink buildings that evoke the romance and charm of Italy.

There are often live performances in the square by magicians and musical acts. Sit at a café with a book while listening to the soothing sounds of the guitar or the piano.

The plaza dates back to the Middle Ages, when a market grew around a church. It has been a cultural symbol of Mestre for many centuries and was recently pedestrianized in the 1980s.

You can find Piazza Ferretto in the historic district and is generally considered the epicenter of the town. There are many nearby attractions to see, such as the Villa Querini Park and the Candiani Cultural Center.

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